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18th Century Mughal Diamond Necklace Pendant

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Important Georgian era 18th Century AUTHENTIC and ORIGINAL antique Indian Mughal Empire large diamond pendant necklace crafted in 22 karat yellow gold. The extremely scarce and rare diamond centerpiece is of unique Mughal modified pear double rose cut that has already been recognized and used by GIA while creating the lab report for the famous Sancy diamond (see image for illustration purposes). The cut is exactly described as modified pear double rose cut having to back to back crowns of different number of facets and lack of a resemblance to a pavillion. The present pendant has a similar in cut diamond like the Sancy diamond, but obviously with smaller dimensions and weight. It measures 13.5 x 10.5 x 4.5-5.0mm and has an approximate weight of 3.70-4.10 carats. The exact weight cannot be determined unless the diamond is completely dismantled from its setting and weighed on a scale, but apparently that will destroy the jewel itself due to its spectacular mounting style. The diamond is closed set into a silver border further surrounded by a pear shaped cluster of smaller round old European cut diamonds. The large double rose cut diamond centerpiece has its back closed and fully covered by a thick 22K yellow gold bulging ornament fully hand engraved with foliate flower motifs and decorations. The diamond possesses a great clarity apart from a single tiny colorless feather, thus most likely to be graded as a VS2. Although closed set into yellow gold and silver, the diamond's color is generally in the J-K range. The cluster of smaller diamonds consists of 30 round old European diamonds having diameters of 1.10mm each, topped by a larger 3mm round diamond. The elaborate hook has mixed deep sea greenish blue colored enamel with a diamond cluster center consisting of another 10 smaller diamonds of about 1.10mm diameters and topped by a 2mm large diamond to a yellow gold V-shaped hook. Total number of diamonds apart from the centerpiece is 42 with an approximate weight of another 0.50 carats. The 22K yellow gold chain is superbly crafted with ancient Greko-Roman and antiquity style granulated gold beads further attached to small gold links. The chain is divided into further sections with natural saltwater pearls placed at their centers. There are a total of 16 natural pearls which are a little off round to about button shaped each measuring generally 4.0-4.20mm in diameter. Gross weight of the whole necklace is 25.5 grams in 22K yellow gold. It is important to note that the present pendant is strikingly identical to any of the girandole Mughal diamond necklace pendants of the famous Doris Duke necklace that was recently sold by a major auction house for over $700,000 (see an attached illustrative image). The pendant is virtually the same in design as the diamond drops attached to Doris Duke's necklace. Mughal emperors were lovers of precious stones, numerous references show the strong cultural belief in gemstone properties. As much as these gems were a symbol of the opulence and dignity of the empire, they were also treasured as protective talismans. Absolutely scarce and important antique jewelry collector piece and one of the very rare authentic 18th century Mughal Empire diamond necklaces, pendants and jewels.


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