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Vintage LALIQUE PARIS de COTY perfume bottle

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See scan - perfect condition. This is a nice and rare vintage Rene Lalique designed Paris de Coty perfume bottle in original oval case of issue. Bottle cap is signed at its bottom of the glass and has an intact label. The bottle also has a nice opalescent glass like cap with floral or other similar motifs. The height of the bottle with case is about 90mm. François Coty (May 3, 1874 – July 25, 1934) was a French perfume manufacturer and the founder of the right-wing paramilitary group Solidarité Française. Coty was born in Ajaccio, Corsica, as Joseph Marie François Spoturno. He married Yvonne Alexandrine Le Baron in 1900. He took the more French-looking name Coty, a variation on his mother's maiden name, when he moved to Paris. He began by selling essences derived from flowers in Grasse, and then peddled his scents to the barbers of Paris. His genius, however, was in marketing and in recognizing that the bottle made the perfume. He had bottles designed by the great ceramist Lalique. His Rose Jacqueminot scent, in a bottle by Baccarat, was his first great success. His great success, Chypre, gave its name to an entire fragrance family used in the industry's classifications. He was one of the wealthiest men in France and owned two Paris newspapers, the proletarian L'Ami du peuple and the aristocratic Le Figaro. He also bought the hunting pavilion of Louveciennes near Saint-Germain-en-Laye, once the property of Madame du Barry. He built multiple large residences, but lived in a hotel on the Champs-Élysées. He was somewhat of a recluse, disliking crowds of any kind, and hiding behind his public image. The company he founded in 1904 is now Coty, Inc., of New York City. In 1902 International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Turin, Italy. Marriage of Lalique and Augustine-Alice on July 8. Lalique moves into Cours-la-Reine residence. IN 1903 First participation at the Salon d'Automne where he would exhibit regularly until 1935. IN 1904 Exhibits with success in the United States, at the St. Louis World's Fair. In 1905 Opening of the first retail shop at 24, place Vendôme, near the retail shop of François Coty. Decorative Arts Exhibition in Liège. In 1908 One year before, François Coty commissions Lalique to design his perfume labels. In time, Lalique creates his first perfume bottles for François Coty. The teamwork of these two would eventually revolutionize the perfume industry, by presenting fine perfumes in attractive containers at affordable prices. Nice and rare perfume bottle collector piece and one of the rare Rene Lalique and Coty perfume bottles.


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