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XVIc. Armenian Bishop Gold signet ring seal R

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See scan – absolutely perfect condition for this rare pre-Georgian piece. This is an important and scarce late medieval antique Armenian / Armenia 23+ karat solid gold signet ring / wax seal with engraved and inscribed abbreviations and signs at top. Given the high karat gold content, the octagonal shape of the ring, as well as the templar cross appearing as four diverging triangles, it brings the conclusion that the ring belonged to a very high ranking Armenian Church religious priest and official, i.e. most likely a Bishop or Archbishop of the church. The shape, appearance and overall style brings us to the conclusion that the ring could be dated as 16th – 17th century piece. It appears that the top row of the text reads ‘NAZ’ and bottom ‘LE’ in Armenian with accompanying templar cross. Some of the abbreviated Armenian characters are also being separated by stylized ‘x’ crosses. The edge / rim of the ring’s top is finely engraved with decorative motifs in the form of diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines. The ring weighs approximately 3.7 grams in 23+ karat solid gold and has absolutely no signs of damage, dings or any restorations whatsoever. Size of top octagonal part of the ring is about 11m x 11m. The ring is also 22.5mm high and the inner diameter is 17mm. Presenting the item into a more transcendental level of appearance and taking the abovementioned originally engraved old Armenian letters using popular numerology of that time, it might also be interesting to note that in the ‘NAZ’ upper line part, numerically ‘N’ has a numeric value of 400, ‘A’ has value of 1, ‘Z’ has a value of 6, so that top row can be represented as 400+1+6=416=11, resulting to 10+1, i.e. having a true transcendental meaning. The bottom row ‘LE’ – ‘L’ has the numeric value 30 and ‘E’ has the value of 8 resulting in 30+8=38 which is again a very important number and of course brings again the sum of 11 like the top row. The sum of 11 on top and 11 below is 11 to 11 or 2+2=4, i.e. ‘Jungian Wholeness’. Another interesting elaboration might be the additional fact of the templar ‘X’ cross which combined with the two other smaller 'x' signs comes to constitute triple ‘XXX’ and although it might be only a probable factor in terms of being relevant to the history of that ring, it still contains an important Celestial connotation and significance. We want to thank about this and other most helpful notes to Mr. Gevork Nazaryan of and his true assistance in deciphering this numerical enigma… Absolutely scarce and one of a kind antique and medieval jewelry / jewellery collector piece and one of the important and rare Armenian Gold church signet rings / wax seals.


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