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Imperial Russia 300y Romanov Ball Invitation

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See scan - absolutely perfect and stunning condition. This is an extremely scarce and rare Imperial Russian Royalty memorabilia piece with historical significance. The present item is an official Invitation Card for inviting the Bulgarian Embassy Military Attache to attend the special Winter Palace Gala Dinner and Ball on the occasion of celebrating the 300 years of the Romanov Dynasty. Each invitation was personally signed and including this one and bearing the autograph signature of the Grand Marshal of the Nobility of the Province of St. Petersburg Prince Soltykoff. The back of the invitation card shows his perfect signature - PRINCE SOLTYKOFF. Only 2000 noblemen were invited and the whole Imperial Russian family attended the Ball including His Royal Highness the King and Emperor of Russia Nicholas II. We doubt that there are more than 5 or 10 such pieces to have been preserved out of the limited number of 2000 ever handed to the invited officials... The front page of the invitation card has a large high relief and multicolor printed Imperial Coat of Arms / crest and underneath printed in gold are the two dates of the Romanovs dynasty - 1613 - 1913. The relief crest has fantastic detail and looks like its made from enamel but it really is an exceptional quality print. The inside of the card is written in French with the official invitation for February 23rd 1913. To learn more about the ball itself and special story about Prince Soltykoff, attached below is an excerpt from an article about this special occasion: "...Early in 1913 was celebrated the three hundredth anniversary of the Romanoffs' accession to the throne, and in the pageants connected with all this the court lived over again the acclamtions and enthusiasm of the dynasty's early days, when for his virtue, intelligence, and grace young Michael Romanoff had been chosen by his people for their sovereign, and was fetched out from the retirement of the convent in which he was being brought up by his good mother. The great deeds of our imperial family through three centuries of history were recalled in tableaux, song, and ceremony. An official reception occurred at the Winter Palace, when each guest in national costume was given a golden insignia to mark his or her attendance that day t court. Deputations came from every province, and from vassal states, with gifts for the sovereigns, and these received with all due pomp, surrounded by the imperial family and their attendants. Never had the palace looked more magnificent, nor had the power of the ruler seemed more assured. The city of St. Petersburg was officially dressed in gayest bunting, while at night the imperial crowns or mono-grams, with emblems of state designed in colored lamps, made vast decorations which lighted up the streets. Two special gala fкtes were given. One, offered by the nobles of the capital to their Emperor, was a ball in the "Council Hall of the Nobility." The magnificent white marble ballroom dated back a century at least, and was wonderful that night. All of us had put on our best clothes and jewels, to do honor to the imperial guests of the evening. The entrance of the sovereigns was very impressive. They were met by the "Grand Marshal of the Nobility of the Province of St. Petersburg" at the outside entrance. He offered his arm to the Empress-Mother, who on this occasion had graciously accepted the invitation. Prince Soltykoff, who had the dignity and manner as well as the blood of the boyars—aristocrats--of ancient Muscovy, handed Her Majesty, always graceful, through the "polonaise " which ceremoniously opened the ball. They were the most stared at and admired couple in the room, and the old Empress's popular figure, still slim and elegant, was at its best in walking. She smiled at her subjects, and they became her captives anew and swore renewed allegiance under their breath to this ever-attractive woman...." Absolutely scarce and rare Imperial Russian memorabilia collector piece and one of the rare Imperial Russian autographs and Royalty historical documents.


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