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Chile Army Field Marshall Baton Sceptre RARE

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See scan - absolutely perfect condition. This is a scarce group of a Field Marshal's Baton / scepter and original Army cap and shoulder boards to a Chilean former 3 star General and member of the highest Pinochet's Army Staff. The marschallstab / feld-marschallstab is 385mm long and 30mm in diameter at the body part and 38 mm where the caps are. It is made out of gold plated / gilted bronze with intense red velvet with many attached filigree Army stars and Crests / Coat of Arms in gold plate and enamel. The center of the baton has a wooden handle with couple of State Coat of Arms in enamel. Baton weighs about a kilo probably. At both ends the tops open with special caps revealing small secret doc compartments inside. Towards one of the caps there is an embossed text saying EJERCITO DE CHILE. The baton itself is almost identical to the look and feel of a WWII NAZI Marschall stab like the Goering baton or some other similar... This Chilean one was awarded to this highest ranking Army General during the rule and time of the Chile dictator Augusto Pinochet. ABOUT 25 - 30 SUCH MARSHALL BATONS WERE EVER AWARDED!!! This is the 3rd one ever offered for sale and the 1st one was sold at a British major auction about 8 years ago for the sum of 12,000 pounds. The currently listed RED Field Marshall baton is of the rarest types given only to 3 star Generals and is the same type as General Pinochet had himself. After active Army duty the baton is returned to the Army, so one can imagine how scarce such an item is… The baton / sceptre offered at VicMart comes with the original and authentic 3 Star Generals’s hat / cap as well as his uniform’s shoulder boards. We were asked at this point to keep the name of the General who received this award a confidential matter, but it will be eventually revealed to Buyer of the group. The whole group is absolutely unique and one of a kind and 100% guaranteed authentic. The set comes with a COA and lifetime authenticity guarantee. Provenance: EX Juergen Brinkmann collection - author of both "Die Orden und Ehrenzeichen des 3. Reiches", 1976, and "Die Ritter des Pour le Merite 1914-1918", 1981 books. Again this is an absolutely scarce museum quality military / militaria collector piece and probably one of the rarest Army decoration or award one could dream of for a collection. Much better military memorabilia compared to medals and orders…


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