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1922 Bulgaria GOLD Beinsa Douno Deunov badge

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See scan - absolutely perfect condition. This is an absolutely scarce and rare medallion pendant insignia / badge of a member of the first Bulgarian pioneer White Brotherhood / White Fraternity established by the Master Teacher Peter Deunov / Dounov. This Beinsa Douno antique jewel is made out of solid 14 karat or higher karat Gold and is approximately 21-22 mm in diameter. It has a great filigree work and is obviously been minted by a master jeweler. The medal piece shows a pentagram circled by text. The text in the pentagram is in Bulgarian and means WISDOM, VIRTUE, TRUTH, JUSTICE, LOVE and the text of the circle around it is: IN THE FULFILMENT OF THE WILL OF GOD, IS THE STRENGTH OF THE HUMAN SOUL. This is the ORIGINAL and first type of pendant ever used by the White Brothers with the Teacher Peter Deunov. This piece is VERY, VERY rare and so far I know of only about 3 or 4 such pieces in collectors. The Deunov / Beinsa Douno teachings teach many things for the strength of the soul, as well the famous paneurhythmy spiritual dance. This teaching is well known and spread throughout the world and is still currently used in the USA and America, Japan, Europe and other countries as well. This sun cult has its origins from the Bulgarian Peter Deunov who also was a protestant priest in the past sometimes in the begining of the 20th century. Scarce collector antique jewelry piece and one of the rare Bulgarian spiritual pendants.


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