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1878 Smith & Wesson Russian revolver ENGRAVED

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See scan - almost perfect condition. This is a scarce and extremely rare S&W / Smith & Wesson 1878 Engraved Model 3 Russian revolver 44 Russ. - 6.5" barrel. This is one of the rarest S&W firearms / guns produced by this most famoust US gun company / factory. The revolver has its original bone or ivory grips and everything is almost intact. This revolver was used by the Imperial Russian Army forces and Military Police in the East Roumelia region after the Freedom of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Turkish Empire in 1878. This is one of the nicest Smith & Wesson revolvers that I've seen for sale. Due to different International Postal regulations, this item will be shipped in two sepparate packages. The revolver is easily unscrewed in the middle section so barrel and grip part will be shipped in one package and the rest in a second package posted almost simultaneously. Absolutely scarce military / militaria collector piece and one of the greatest antique firearms / revolvers. Normally thos ell at prices over $4500.


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