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1909 Bulgaria Royal Army Academy medal UNIQUE

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See scan – absolutely perfect and stunning condition. This is probably the rarest Bulgarian Royal medal, since it was originally ordered and produced in only one piece and awarded to only one person. During 1909 the Bulgarian Military Academy / School had to celebrate 30 years of its establishment on the date of May 2nd. May 2nd was also a special date, since May 2nd was King / Prince Boris III so called name day, i.e. all people with the name of Boris celebrated on that day (this tradition still continues…). At that time young Princely Boris was the Army School / Academy patron and May 2nd was the Academy’s official holiday. The school itself was established during 1879 and right after Bulgarian freedom came after the Russian Turkish war, where Imperial Russia had overthrown the Ottoman Turkey Army from Bulgarian territories and actually freed Bulgaria from Turk occupation. During those 1st year Bulgarian Army was under Russian commandment and they set up the first Bulgarian Military Academy. Later on when King Ferdinand I came to power in 1887 and after he replaced the abdication of the German Prince Alexander Batenberg I, the Military Academy / School became His Majesty The King Military School. After this brief history about the Academy, I should explain more about this unique medal. For the 30 years celebration of the Academy, the Army Staff, the State and the Royal Palace had taken a decision to set up a special ceremony and there was a one of a kind sport and physical condition contest and that there should be only ONE cadet officer from the students that should become the outstanding excellent prize student of the alumni graduate and this military officer should receive a one of a kind medal for the occasion. The medal should be inscribed with this special date and name initials. The medal was ordered to be manufactured in Great Britain / England and this can be observed by the sterling silver markings / hallmark at bottom part of the reverse. The whole medal was masterly made out of sterling silver and great blue and red enamel. It greatly resembles Imperial Russian jetons and jeton awards, but this was a medal for extreme achievements. The medal has the text FOR MILITARY SPORTS and dated May 2nd – 1909. There are also the initials of the name of the officer cadet who received this highest and unique award – I.V. This was a very famous Bulgarian Military and Army person and a true part of later Bulgarian Military history. The I.V. stands for Ivan Variklechkov, who later on during 1937 became the first Bulgarian NAVY / Marine Admiral and General of Naval Staff. He was also the first Bulgarian captain and ship commander of the only Bulgarian WWI submarine / U boat 18. He was one of the very important figures of Bulgarian military history throughout the years. The medal obverse has the Royal King Ferdinand cipher monogram in the middle surrounded by red enamel and in circle on the side there is a text saying – HIS MAJESTY’S MILITARY SCHOOL. Above the Royal cypher and below the ball and ring type hook there is also the Royalty kingdom crown. The medal was awarded as an extreme service and merit decoration to Ivan Variklechkoff at this special ceremony and after the contest and tournament has ended. The medal was probably awarded personally by the King and Prince as well as with all the Army Staff in the Capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. The medal comes with a Military Merit ribbon and this was the way I got it. Since it was awarded in the Military Academy, it is most probable that they really used that ribbon for this special occasion. EXTREMELY SCARCE and one of a kind unique militaria item. A true museum and collector gem that proves to be one of the most important pieces of Bulgarian Royal Military history. This piece is by far much rarer than any other Bulgarian decoration, medal or order. Whoever byes this item will have the key figure for any collection one of the rarest Bulgarian medals. Later on I may be able to provide an original photo / photographic image of Admiral / General Variklechkov.


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