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WWII Bulgaria Royal BRAVERY war flag banner

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See scan – PERFECT condition. This is an extremely scarce and UNIQUE piece – one and only. This Bulgarian WWII Royal combat flag / standard was used by the highest ranking Bulgarian Army / Military officers from the town of Dobritch area, all of them being awarded a Bulgarian Royal Order of Bravery. The flag is made out of embroidered full color silk and shows the national colours, as well as the monograms of the Bulgarian Kings – Alexander Batenberg I, Ferdinand I and finally Boris III. Size is 750 x 750 mm. The front of the flag has those Royalty monograms embroidered, as well as a 1912 bravery order star in the center. Back of the flag has again a bravery order star at the center and on top a text saying DOBRITCH AREA SOCIETY OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE BRAVERY ORDER. At the bottom there is also an yellow embroidered text showing the year of establishment of this organization – 30 January 1934 and below there is a slogan saying – UNTIL OUR LAST BREATH FOR BULGARIA. Most probably the flag was personally awarded by King Boris III. The flag has all its stripes on all sides and is PERFECTLY preserved. Extremely scarce museum quality item. The above officer organization took an active part during all combat and war actions in the Dobrudja front and over the territory of Romania, as well as the Black Sea region. The town of Dobritch was actually under Romanian occupation from 1919 until late 1940, so it the flag was most probably used in combat action right during the time when the area was freed from the Romanians / Romanian Army. During that time Bulgaria was a NAZI Germany ally and most of the German officers who served in Bulgaria were also knights of this Bravery order and some of them most probably members of the Dobritch organization. A great number of Bulgarian WWII militaria is strongly considered by world collectors as a tight part of the German WWII memorabilia. Thus this flag / banner is a true gem. YOU WILL NEVER SEE ANOTHER ONE. Such WWII Bulgarian true military artifacts are times scarcer than the German WWII such, since later on the communist rule destroyed a lot of them. I don’t think I have other words to describe this piece!


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