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Czech Art Nouveau malachite perfume bottle RR

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Item description:

See scan - absolutely perfect condition. This is a very alrge and intricate Czechoslovakia / Czech Bohemia green malachite glass perfume bottle with superb floral foliate and roses cameo design. The perfume bottle cap has scarce rosebuds and the overal design of the bottle makes it a true work of art and one of the great examples of Art Nouveau and turn of the century fashion pieces. The bottle is measuring a large 135mm tall by 110mm long and 45mm wide and weighs probably more than 10 ounces. The opalescent green glass is crafted in such a manner that it gives the color an appearence of a true malachite precious stone. Absolutely scarce Art Nouveau antiques and design collector piece and one of the rare similar to Lalique style Art Nouveau perfume bottles.


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