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1954 CHRISTO Jeanne-Claude charcoal drawing

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See scan – perfect condition. Comes with great wooden frame. PEASENTS RESTING IN THE FIELDS is a scarce Christo work of art from his early years. This charcoal and pencil drawing was intended as a study for an oil painting. There were 3 identical oil paintings art studies made, but the original painting was never made, because Christo left Bulgaria. The drawing is personally signed autographed by the artist. COMES WITH a COA and provenance documentation. This is an extremely scarce piece, since this particular project study for an oil painting named PEASENTS RESTING IN THE FIELD was the actual piece that drove the whole conflict between Christo and the Bulgarian Natinal Academy of Arts and its Head – Professor Panayotov during 1954. What was said by the Academy Board was that this drawing is completely against the Bulgarian Socialist Realism and was against the communist system as a whole. The reason was that the peasants at the painting were resting, while they were supposed to work. Furthermore, one of them was drinking apparently alcohol from a wooden bottle and this was a complete shock to the System… Therefore this particular drawing work made Christo defect and run away from Bulgaria into Prague, then Austria and finally to France where he met Jeanne-Claude. The drawing measures 35 x 50 cm and is signed at the bottom right corner. As it was pointed out above – there were 3 identical drawing studies. One of them is in the personal collection of Jeanne-Claude in New York and the other 2 remained with Christo’s family in Bulgaria. VicMart recently bought the 2 remaining pieces. One of them will remain in VicMart’s Art collection and the other one is hereby listed for sale. This is an unique opportunity for any art collector to own an extremely rare work by Christo and a true historical and turning point piece for his future life. Maybe, if it was not for that piece and the conflict it drove, Christo would’ve never moved abroad and would’ve never come to be one of the most famous USA / US Pop Art masters just like Andy Warhall and others. Christo was also inspired by works of Picasso and other French modern artists. PEASENTS RESTING IN THE FIELD is the only early drawing and work of Christo out of 5 listed in the prestigious monograph catalogue of the German / Germany company TASCHEN. The Benedikt TASCHEN catalogue about Christo and Jeanne-Claude was printed and issued in 1995 and included Christo’s best works of art and a true highlight on his best pieces. Some biographical data on Christo’s life: Christo / Christo Javacheff / Hristo Yavashev / Christo Yavashev was born in 1935 in the town of Gabrovo in Bulgaria. 1953-56 - Christo studies Fine Arts in the Academy of Sofia and later in Prague. During 1957 he studies on semester at the Vienna Fine Arts Academy.1958 – Christo moves to Paris. Some of his famous works include – “Iron Curtain – Wall of Oil Barrels” 1962 – Paris; Wrapped Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago” in 1969; “Running Fence, Sonoma and Marin Counties, California 1972-76”; “Surrounded Islands” – 1980 – 83 Miami, Florida; “The Pont Neuf Wrapped, Paris” in 1985; “The umbrellas, Japan – USA in 1991” and many, many others. Also one of his famous projects was the wrapping of the Reichstag Building. No other words can describe any further the work currently listed for sale. It is of great importance to the work and life of this artist and is probably one of his best early works. A true collector piece and a gem to any art collection. All prestigious museums and art galleries in the world have works by Christo…


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